Anzac Day — Memorial Day military defending the Fatherland

In New Zealand, do not celebrate Victory Day is usually celebrated in Russia and other CIS countries. on April 25 in New Zealand remember the soldiers who died in all wars in which the country participated. First of all we are talking about the Battle of Gallipoli in Turkey (Battle of Gallipoli).

April 25, 1915 the troops of New Zealand and Australia, known as the ANZAC (short for "Australian and New Zealand Army CorpsĀ», Australian and New Zealand Army Corps, ANZAC), landed at Gallipoli peninsula in order to capture the Dardanelles and free it from the Turks. Both warring sides suffered heavy losses. New Zealand, among other countries involved in the war, has lost about 2700 soldiers.

First Anzac Day marked in 1916. Since then the festival has undergone many changes. But that day has always remained an important holiday in New Zealand, with traditional service at dawn and laying flowers. Prior to 1920, the status of the ANZAC Day remained highly uncertain, because the day of remembrance of fallen soldiers has not been set officially. In 1920, the government supported the request of the public to establish regular holiday on April 25. The law came into force in 1921.

Day of blessed memory (Photo: Murat Besler, Shutterstock) After the Second World War, Anzac Day for New Zealanders turned into a nationwide and has rallied all the inhabitants of a holiday. It was during this period that he became a day of remembrance of those who died in all wars in which New Zealand participated. Service in this day began to visit many more people. For example, in 1957 only in Auckland the dawn ceremony was attended by about 6,000 people.

Traditionally, at dawn on April 25 held office for the dead. World War II veterans gathered at the main monument of the city. At the ceremony of laying flowers to him joining the other inhabitants of the city. A brief ceremony was followed by a prayer and hymns, and in the conclusion sounds "Posdeny Post" (trumpet solo). Completes the ceremony a moment of silence. Then all the congregation sing the national anthem, and playing bagpipes shotlansdkie. The official part of the festival ends at one o'clock.

Every year on April 25 New Zealand honors its heroes — who died in battle and returned home. Let no military victory at Gallipoli, but was a victory of the spirit and desperate courage. And today, in time of peace, a day on April 25 for New Zealanders — it is not a day of mourning and weeping, this day the memory of the men and women who defended the honor of his country.