International Day of Solidarity Youth

According to the decision of the World Federation of Democratic Youth annually April 24 is the International Day of Solidarity Youth (International Youth Solidarity Day). First festival was celebrated in 1957.

This memorable day is another reason to get the attention of government officials, the public and the media on youth.

Combining efforts of youth, community organizations, the general public, who are not indifferent, soul ill for the future of their children and grandchildren can strengthen public control over observance of the rights of youth, promotes the organization and creativity of young people in the implementation of economic , social, scientific, technical and moral problems of society, strengthening the continuity of generations, the rule of law.

easy to be young in today's society — it depends on the degree of cohesion of young people in solving their problems.

Youth planet had several holidays — {International Youth Day / holiday} notes {day-8-12} 12 August, World Youth DayNovember 10, and the youth of Russia celebrates Russian Youth Day 27 June.