Children's Day in Turkey

«Children — flowers of life!" — for each resident Turkey, this expression has a special meaning. One of the national characteristics of the people is the selfless love of the younger generation. Turkish families tend to have many children, the norm is the presence of three or more children. It is interesting that the state does not use special incentives to increase the birth rate, but does not limit it.

In Turkey, there is a special festival dedicated to children, — Cocuk Bairami. The date of the national celebration is 23 April. Children's Day is celebrated in honor of the first convocation of the Grand National Assembly in Ankara in 1920 for the preparation of the national liberation war, which was the first step of the republican regime. Under the will of the first President of the Republic of Turkey , who believed that the future of the nation in childhood, in this day an adult should have been for a while to give up their authority.

Children's Day is celebrated in the country as a bequest the first president of Turkey, Kemal Ataturk (Photo: Faraways, Shutterstock) Main streets and school grounds are decorated with flowers, balloons and traditional portraits of the leader, and Turkish flags. This festival is usually held in secondary schools. Pupils are selected by deputies, ministers, mayors. Some of them are allowed to work in the personnel department. In the streets of cities slender columns are students in school uniforms.

The holiday venue for concerts and competitions among school children, as well as seminars, competitions and briefings, which involved children from different countries. For them, leadership training institutions organize excursions and accommodation in the homes of Turkish families. Typically, these children attend Turkish schools in his homeland, where in addition to the core subjects learn the language and national traditions.

Parents also want to congratulate their children and give presents sweets and toys. Many are sent after the official events in the caf? or entertainment venues, the beach or the mountains.