Day of Motherland Defenders in Uzbekistan

14 January in 1992 the Parliament of Uzbekistan took the decision to move all parts and connections, military academies and other military units stationed in the country under the jurisdiction of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Thus began the creation of their own country's armed forces.

Monument to the great military leader of Uzbekistan Amir Timur (Tamerlane) Day of Defenders of the Motherland in independent Uzbekistan is celebrated in honor of creating their own armed forces. The holiday itself is set on January 14 by the Supreme Council of the Republic received December 29 in 1993.

According to tradition, this date is widely celebrated in Uzbekistan — on the capital's Independence Square anthem of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the sound of a military band marching past on the area are military units. And, of course, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces says the festive greetings addressed to the defenders of the motherland.

In Uzbekistan honor the memory of fellow countryman — one of the greatest conquerors of the commander .