Day of the English language

First Day of the English language, as the days of official languages UN, noted in 2010. Set specific date in which to do justice to the languages ??of the organization, offered by the Department of Public Relations. The purpose of new holidays — to strengthen the tradition of multilingualism in the world. The United Nations has allocated six days in the calendar — one for each official language.

The date of the celebration of English has become a birthday — the great English poet, writer, the most famous playwright in the world. From the pen of Shakespeare published five poems, chronicles 10, 11 tragedies, 17 comedies and 154 sonnets. Among his works — known to any civilized person on the planet "Romeo and Juliet," "Othello," "Hamlet, Prince of Denmark", "King Lear" and others. Due to the wide spread of the English language, many fans of Shakespeare read his books in the original.

Today, English is considered a "world language" — spoken by over a billion people in dozens of countries. It's not only the English language, but also the residents of the U.S., Canada, Ireland, Malta, Australia, New Zealand. It is used as an official in some countries of Asia and Africa. People who speak this language, called anglophones. It is worth noting that the so-called Standard English — pure dialect of London — with time has undergone a lot of changes in different regions, and often the Englishman is difficult to understand the English-speaking American or Australian.

English language along with French is the working language of the Secretariat of the United Nations, as well as one of the six official languages ??of the UN.