Ukrainian Day psychologist

One of the greatest psychologists of the last century, Jean Piaget (Jean Piaget ) predicted that in the 21st century psychology to become one of the leading science. Apparently, his prediction coming true.

This statement sounds even more significant when you consider that the official recognition of psychology received a hundred and thirty years ago — in 1879, German psychologist Wundt opened in Leipzig's first laboratory of experimental psychology.

Being fairly young science, psychology has accumulated many unique facts and data that show that the person's knowledge of itself change its status and feelings. Psychology can be called a science, creative people through knowledge.

Also quite common to hear the view that psychology — the science of the soul, which is excluded from the study of the soul. Psychology answers the question of why people behave one way or another.

Coping with difficult situations help us wise counsel of experienced professionals — psychologists (Photo: Ambrophoto, Shutterstock) In recent years, the rapidly developing area of ??psychology as a political psychology that examines and analyzes the behavior and psychology of politicians, including top officials. In 1996, the Association of Political Psychology of Ukraine, which served as a model in existence since 1978 International Association of Political Psychology (International Society of Political Psychology, ISPP).

A man's life — a very unpredictable and violent. Whether you're a politician, a businessman, a doctor or a housewife — in your life, along with positive emotions are inevitable moments of frustration, the result of which may be negative acts. Sometimes a person hard to keep the severity of these problems on their shoulders, and he may lose hope and faith in yourself, and most importantly — your health.

To avoid this we are helped by the wise advice of experienced professionals — psychologists, whose professional holiday — Ukrainian Day psychologist — is celebrated in Ukraine April 23.