World Book and Copyright

23 April — a symbolic date for world literature — was the reason for the establishment of World Book and Copyright (World Book and Copyright Day). On this day in 1616 passed away , and Inca Garcilaso de la Vega. This is also the day of birth or death of other prominent authors such as , X. Laxness, J. Pla and Manuel Mej?a Vallejo.

It is quite natural that took place in 1995 in Paris, the General Conference of UNESCO decided to give this day tribute to books and authors, encouraging everyone, especially young people, to find pleasure to read and respect the irreplaceable contributions of those who contributed to the social and cultural progress of humanity. Then the day was established by the World Book and Copyright and the UNESCO Prize for the Promotion of Tolerance in children's and young people's literature.

Thanks to the book we have, first of all, access to knowledge, thought, spiritual and moral values, to understand the beauty and the creative achievements of man. The media, the basis of education and work, the book allows each culture to tell about themselves, familiar with the customs and traditions of different peoples. The book — a window into the world of cultural diversity, it is the bridge that connects the different civilizations in space and time.
book — is a window into the world of cultural diversity (Photo: Tischenko Irina, Shutterstock)
celebrate World Book Day and Copyright, we all need to pay special attention to the important role of books in the preservation and enhancement of culture of each state. After all, the book — is the best helper in our common efforts to protect and nurture the cultural heritage of mankind.