The annual marathon in London

Annual London Marathon (Virgin London Marathon) — an event usually held in April — it is more than a sporting event. This is one of the longest street in the world get-togethers. The thunder of drums, street, sitting in a pub and shouts Cheering crowd — all accompanied by a street passing athletes marathon of 26.2 miles.

In a marathon involves many famous athletes. For big-name athletes to participate in a marathon is not only to enjoy the sport, but also get the opportunity to contribute to the development of social programs.

For example, participants pay a fee, and the total amount of revenue from the organization of the event is 15, 7,000,000 pounds. Every year the number of participants in the marathon reaches 15,000.

peculiar charity — a tribute to social programs — is not confined to sports celebrities. All the London organization, including the small bars and even schools, especially for the holiday cook their street view.