Day of the Chinese language

Day Chinese established at the same time, and the days when the other the official languages ??of the United Nations — in 2010. This proposal was made by the Department of the organization in charge of public relations.

Chinese Language Day celebrated on April 20, established in memory of Cang Jie — the founder of the Chinese writing . According to legend, he was a court historian of the mythical Emperor Huang Di and developed a set of icons, which later became the basis for the characters. This would eliminate the nodular letters.

Cang Jie's name first mentioned in a philosophical treatise III century BC "Xun Zi". It says: "There have been numerous experiments in the creation of writing, but only the signs by Cang Jie, have been adopted and there until now." Over time, the ancient scholar acquired mythological features, his depictions of the four eyes that symbolizes his special insight.

Written Chinese language is considered one of the toughest in the world. In order to express all his wealth, used by about 80,000 characters. However, for the lack of daily use 3-5 thousand characters. In addition, it is one of the most ancient languages ??existing in the world.

Chinese is the official language of China, Taiwan and Singapore. In some U.S. states, particularly in New York, all official documents are necessarily translated into Chinese. All in all, the world is spoken by more than 1.3 billion people. A huge number of native speakers was the reason for including the Chinese one of the six official and working languages ??of the UN.

Each year, the Secretariat of the United Nations held events on day of languages. On the Day of Chinese traditional exhibitions of works of art by the masters of the Middle Kingdom, as well as concerts and demonstrations of martial arts schools.