Day of Russian troops creation pipeline

November 22 in 1951 Chairman of the Council of Ministers issued a decree on the manufacture of a prototype of a new generation pipeline. The Ministry of Defense of the USSR and minnefteprom was mandated to conduct joint testing of the pipeline in the field.

on January 14 in 1952 on the basis of the Resolution adopted by the Secretary of War Soviet Marshal 2782 AM has signed a directive that ordered form the first independent battalion pumping fuel. Date of signing the directive was the birthday of pipeline troops.

Gradually, the first units of pipeline troops turned into regular armed units, and by the end of the 80-ies were carried out the world's best field collapsible pipelines. Currently piping troops are part of the Central Department of Fuel and fuel.

For several decades, designers, engineers, soldiers, pipefitters, workers have been created, developed and adopted different sets of field pipelines, not analogues in the world, machines for mounting and moving funds transfer. Today, the main "arms" of troops are pipelines, trubomontazhnaya equipment and other means of mechanization, as well as special vehicles and communications equipment.

mark 60 years of Armed forces Pipeline RossiiSereznoy test the combat readiness of the troops began their work in the war in Afghanistan, in the territory of which were deployed field pipelines with a total length of more than 1200 km for the supply of fuel to Russian troops, as well as in the counter-terrorist operation in the North Caucasus

Efficiency and competent work of pipeline forces have repeatedly confirmed during peacetime in the aftermath of natural and man-made disasters: the big forest fire fires and peat fires, the elimination of the earthquake in Armenia in 1989 and the elimination of Chernobyl, was ensured uninterrupted supply of large quantities of water (up to 4 million cubic meters) of water nearby to support the work of the concrete plant and other facilities in the Nuclear Power Plant.