National Donor Day in Russia

Today, Russia has one of the most important social events — National Donor Day. This day is dedicated to, first of all, the donors themselves — people who give blood donated for the benefit of the health and lives of complete strangers. This day is also dedicated and doctors who conduct blood sampling, control the sanitary condition of the blood transfusion stations, develop techniques and equipment, carefully inspect handed over drugs.

The reason for the holiday was the very humane event — April 20 1832 a young Petersburg obstetrician Andrew Wolf Martynovych first successfully conducted a blood transfusion maternity obstetric hemorrhage. Woman's life was saved thanks to the competent work of the doctor and patient's husband donated blood.

Every year in Russia more than half a million people are in need of blood transfusions. Blood and blood components are required of patients with severe hematological diseases, among which a large percentage of children, drugs are needed for women in the postpartum period, patients who are in car accidents, various people associated with the risk specialties.

Statistics shows that in the late 1990s — early 2000s in the event of any emergency — terrorist attacks, earthquakes or man-made disasters — the number of donors, compared with an ordinary day, increased by 10-15 times. Doctors at the blood transfusion was necessary even to limit the number of donors in order to take care of their health and chances in the future to use the components of the blood. The recent tragic events — the explosions in the Moscow subway terrorist attack at the airport "Domodedovo", falling aircraft — have shown that the number of donors willing to help postradavshiim too much.

It is also important to know that an emergency exists strategic donor supply — supply of red blood cells, which are deep frozen. The number of strategic doses ranging from 3,500 to 5,000 units. Besides, kept at about 30 tons of fresh frozen plasma at different stages of the quarantine storage.

Events on the National Donor Day, traditionally held on April 20 in all Russian regions, which raises the problems of organ donation in Russia, and there is an exchange of experiences.

And yet, one of the the most pressing problems is to reduce the number of donors, both in Moscow and other large cities, and regions. In the past few years conducted a very active steps to revive donor movement in Russia. Was developed by a large federal program for the development of blood services, which is mainly engaged in the modernization of the regional blood service.

In 2005, it was decided that the honorable donor Russia can become the person who carried out the 60 free and plazmodach 40 donations. To honor donors legislatively established annual cash compensation, a spa treatment in the community, the provision of subsidized vouchers, extraordinary free treatment in the public health system. Regions also have the right to establish and regulate donor benefits.