Day of the scrap processing industry

Day of the scrap processing industry can not be found in the list of Russian professional holidays . However, enterprises, recycle scrap metal, self-appointed as such date on April 19. On this day in 1922 issued a decree of the Council of Labor and Defense of the USSR on the agreement of five departments. NKVT, the Supreme Economic Council, the Revolutionary Military Council, NTUC and OCD agreed to establish the association "Metallotorg." Since then, all the issues related to the collection and sale of scrap metal, coordinated the new organization.

In fact, from this time began the formation of a centralized system of recycling metal waste in the country. Such an activity was engaged Production Association "Soyuzvtorchermet", which included municipal and regional enterprise "Vtormet" — the networks points to receive scrap. Each "Vtormet" was a specialized company with equipment for metal processing, test and measurement equipment. It got all the metal waste, which later became the raw material for steel production.

On the development of the industry positively affects the routine nature of the Soviet economy, which allowed the complex to develop this sphere. The state standard for scrap was obligatory for all businesses. Union Scientific-Research and Design Institute for the secondary metals are carried out scientific and technical support industry.

Planned disposal system developed and operated efficiently, providing almost complete recycling of metal waste and supply industry resource. By 1986, the industry reached a record performance.

In the decade after the collapse of the Soviet Union industry fell into decline. Close specialized enterprises, virtually non-existent legal framework in this area. According to experts, and now the industry is in today's Russia is still being formed. However, the major steel companies have their own scrap collecting, affiliates which operate in many cities across the country.