International Day for Monuments and Sites

The motto of the International Day for Monuments and Sites (International Day for Monuments and Sites) were the words: "Let's save our homeland».

This Day is set in 1982 by the Assembly of the International Council for the Protection of Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS), under UNESCO. The holiday is celebrated in the world on April 18 in 1984.

Great Wall of China (Photo: omers , Shutterstock) In 1924, the USSR People's Commissariat of Instruction was developed Ordinance (by order of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee and the CPC from July 7 in 1924), in which the executive committees were required to ensure that that "the settlement, burial mounds, tombs and other places of historical value, not plowed, not excavated in any business purpose, and in the circle of monuments would remain inviolable security strip from one fathoms or more, depending on the size and significance of the monument" .

In 1934 he issued a decree according to which the prohibitions of the Decree are considered obsolete and unusable as a result of vast dimensions of economic development.

In 1976, the Soviet Union adopted the Law "On protection and use of historical and cultural monuments," but the law did not actually work. At present, the situation is even worse — the relevant laws or not, or they are not enforced. Monuments, historical sites and protected areas mercilessly destroyed, and the perpetrators are not, as a rule, no penalty.
Stonehenge, England (Photo: Matthew Jacques, Shutterstock)
In Europe, with a history of turning a much gentler, European countries still retain historic landscapes and countryside landscapes. For example, in France, carried out restoration work landscapes memorable places even after the archaeological excavations. In the north of England in virtually untouched saved Hadrian's Wall, built by the Roman emperor Hadrian to protect the northern borders of the empire, and stretches for 117 kilometers.