Day of the Armenian Police

16 April Police of Armenia celebrates its professional holiday. Police Day officially announced on April 16 in connection with the adoption in 2001 of AL-177 "on the police».

June 1 in 2006, the Law "On Amendments to the Law of the Republic of Armenia "On Police". " According to the Law of the police in Armenia, which is a government body, the following objectives:

— human security;
— prevention, prevention and suppression of crimes and administrative offenses;
— identifying and detection of crime, carrying out a preliminary investigation of the criminal case;
— the protection of public order and public safety;
— equal protection of all forms of ownership;
— helping individuals and legal entities to protect their rights and interests within the competence of the police.

The main duty of the police is to protect the life, health, honor, dignity, rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of the person from criminal and other attacks.

In 2007 Armenian President Robert Kocharian congratulated the police officers on their professional holiday:

«Dear police officers and veterans, with all my heart I congratulate you on the Day of Police. I wish you a safe and productive life. In a democratic society, the police should have the confidence and sense of security. Your rating in society is directly related to the amount of crime in the country and the percentage of crimes solved. By performing a number of tasks assigned to you by the state, you are communicating directly with citizens. I wish you that you are always in a responsible, dignified and successfully performed their difficult task».

Every year on April 16 morning, high-ranking representatives of the Armenian police laid flowers to the monument of the Unknown Soldier in the Victory Park of Yerevan. Top police officers are awarded diplomas.