Memorial Day Defenders of Freedom

Defenders of Freedom Day in Lithuania — a day of remembrance of the victims of the tragic the events of January 1991. Night 13 January in 1991, Soviet troops attempted to capture with tanks television tower. Then under the tanks 14 people were killed and many more injured.

12 January 1991 Vilnius Military District Commander Vladimir Uskhopchyk calmly informed about upcoming maneuvers involving Pskov paratroopers group "Alpha┬╗.

On the same day, after midnight from the garrison in Vilnius moved tanks. The column stopped at the tower and the building of the Lithuanian Radio and Television. To 2 am TV broadcasters broadcast event in the country, then military vehicles surrounded the building and the television station TV tower.

It is here that killed 14 civilians who came out to defend proclaimed in March 1990 independence. Special forces did not dare to attack — people were on duty around the clock. Soviet troops left the country only after August putsch in Moscow.