Valentine's Day in Kazakhstan

Since 2011, Kazakhstan has seen its national Valentine's Day — "Ulttyk gashyktar Kounine Ori." Alternatively, the international organizers of the February holiday offered to date — on April 15, dedicated Goats Korpesh and Bayan-Sulu. These are the heroes of the epic poem of the Kazakh XIII-XIV centuries, which tells of the tragic death of a beautiful love and lovers boys and girls.

Although Valentine's Day has taken root everywhere, especially among young people, many still skeptical attitude to it . Therefore, the Kazakhs offered its youth festival with the national colors.

In January 2011, the city Department of Culture on Youth Policy and the press-service of Almaty akimat approved the action plan for the year, which also included the new holiday. The Office has also sent a letter to the leadership of schools of the capital of Kazakhstan, which recommended the transfer the celebration of Valentine's Day on April 15.

And members of the youth wing of the "Bolashak" organized a protest against the celebration of Valentine's Day. They sent a hundred letters to schools to support the ban on in schools all types of parties 14 February, and also had a show of destroying the symbols of this holiday — "Valentine cards" (cards in the shape of hearts). It is worth noting that the leadership of the majority of schools was in solidarity with the Department of Education and the organizers of the action.

Festival organizers claim that the new Valentine's Day — not just a transfer events from one date to another. The holiday itself has become another. It is associated with the national epic, is designed to show the purity and beauty of love. This is propaganda of chastity, images and Kazakhstan women's national heroes. In addition, this festival will not take place in winter, and spring — the most romantic time of the year.

National Valentine's Day in Kazakhstan are trying to make the most saturated. A competition for young couples who are competing in the reading of poems about love and dancing tournament. Schools themed class hours, contests for the best wall newspaper "Happy Valentine Kazakhstan!" For the best poem of his own. In addition, this day is selected cutest couple.

A peculiar share held in the St. Valentine's Day a group of students. They proposed to start in the night sky Alma-Ata paper lanterns. Responded to this initiative, more than 3 million people. This event was the largest flash mob in Kazakhstan.