Day of the criminal investigation department of Ukraine

In 1873, in Kiev, officially began operating the first Ukrainian detective part, and the first elements of the criminal investigation were formed in the offices of the tsarist police. The first part was an experimental detective and after a year was disbanded due to lack of funding from the City Council.

15 April 1919 Decree of the CPC of Ukraine "On the organization forensic criminal investigation "was formed department of forensic criminal investigation and secured its legal basis. Duties of the investigation was to conduct a preliminary investigation preparatory to the activities of the charges.

In the first years of the Criminal Investigation subordinate to the People's Commissariat of Justice and consisted of a forensic criminal investigation and judicial and criminal police, judicial and criminal police responsible for directly operatively-search activity, and police engaged in inquiry.

The position on the bodies of the criminal investigation was enacted by the People's Commissariat of Justice May 11 in 1919. And in February 1920, Criminal Investigation handed over to the NKVD, then, and took his union with a common police. Over the years, the legal framework, the subordination and structure of the criminal investigation were changed several times, but the problem is never changed.

Since 2001, the central organ of the service called the Department of Criminal Investigation Criminal Investigation Department of Ukraine, whose main objectives are to prevent, combat and the disclosure of all types of criminal offenses, as well as tracing the criminals hiding.

In 2009, the Criminal Investigation Ukraine celebrated the 90th anniversary. Many highly qualified staff members were awarded certificates and medals. And on the eve of the 90th anniversary of the building near the Interior Ministry in Kiev was a monument to the famous literary detectives Zheglov Gleb and Vladimir Sharapova — "The venue can not be changed."