Day of environmental knowledge

annually 15 April in many countries around the world celebrates the Day of ecological knowledge. It traces its history to 1992, when the UN Conference in Rio de Janeiro, where they discussed the problems of the environment, it was stressed great importance of environmental education in all countries of the world in the implementation of strategies for survival and for sustainable human development.

In our country, this festival is celebrated since 1996 on the initiative of public environmental organizations and gives the start of the annual all-Russian action "Days of environmental protection from environmental hazards», which ends 5 June World Environment Day.

The main purpose of today's feast — the promotion of environmental awareness and the formation of environmental awareness, public awareness about the state of affairs in the field of environmental safety and the state of environment, as well as education and training of citizens, able to think ecologically.

The importance of environmental education in the world today, no one is certain and in many countries is a priority for training and education. After all the activity on the formation of environmental awareness and respect for the natural environment — is the key to a secure future for all mankind.

The term "ecology" (from the Greek «oikos» — home, shelter and «logos» — science teaching) was first introduced in 1866 by the German biologist Ernst Haeckel. In modern ecology — the science of relations between organisms with each other and with the environment. Therefore, to achieve a reasonable balance between the growing needs of humanity and the planet becomes scanty opportunities, while maintaining the already deteriorating state of nature, each in our own time, must have a minimum set of environmental knowledge and gentle ways of interaction with the outside world.

Environmental education has received international recognition as an important means of addressing environmental protection. Program of the Decade of Education for Sustainable Development of the UN in 2005-2014, also includes the task of environmental education throughout the world. These issues are reflected in a number of international conferences, joined and Russia.

In our country, environmental education and training is one of the priorities of educational institutions. Because of the ecological culture of the younger generation of the future of the planet. Of course, to solve global environmental problems is possible only through joint efforts at the national and global level, but to improve the ecology of residence afford even one individual.

In honor of today's celebration in many universities, schools, libraries and scientific institutions in different cities of Russia hosts various conferences, seminars, exhibitions, festivals, round tables and other events dedicated to the issues of ecology and environmental protection. In most cases, these activities are organized by educational institutions at all levels, in close cooperation with the authorities, the public, cultural institutions and the media. An important role is also played by engaging everyone in a variety of environmental projects and global environmental events that take place in many regions of Russia.

It is also important to note that the day of environmental awareness is important not only for those involved in environmental education and education, but for all the inhabitants of our planet, because it is a secure life in the future of all of us. Instilling environmental culture today — the key to the health of future generations!