The World Festival of oatmeal

«Oatmeal, sir" — this British classic phrase remembers probably each. Oatmeal is a recognized English dish, national characteristic. In English-speaking countries, a pressure of oats (oatmeal) is known as the "Protestant oats" (English Quakers oats). It also refers to porridge flakes. However, not only Albion boasts of his love for this wonderful dish.

Every year on the second Friday of April in the U.S. town of Saint George (State of South Carolina,) begins a three-day festival dedicated to oatmeal. And he said as much — World Festival of oatmeal. That's it!

The first festival was held in 1985, the year. It happened after Bill Hunter, manager of the supermarket «Piggly Wiggly», said that the residents of St. George oatmeal buy in much larger quantities than in other cities, and eat it with the same gusto and relish. Thus was born the festival-like tolsteyuschey on hamburgers American public about healthy food product ...

festival like, gradually formed its traditions and today is a fun holiday where you can not only use oatmeal as intended, but there is on its speed and even wallow in the mess.

The playing throughout the festival music and dance competitions only warmed appetite participants. In addition, the participants in addition to oatmeal celebrations are invited to taste the cakes and other dishes, the preparation of which is not without oatmeal as an integral part of the local culture.

The number of participants in the festival grows every year, and is one ten thousand people. The competition winners will receive in addition to the honorary title in the award scholarships. Can you imagine? — You can not just eat porridge, but also for it and get the money!