International Day of liberation of Nazi concentration camps

11 April is the International day of the liberation of Nazi concentration camps (International Day of Fascist Concentration Camps Prisoners Liberation).

April 11, 1945 prisoners of Buchenwald (Buchenwald) raised an international uprising against the Nazis and were released. It seems so long ago it was. But not for those who went through the horrors of the Nazi torture chambers. Biographies of these people — these are real lessons of courage for the young generation.

Total in Germany and the occupied countries were more than 14,000 concentration camps. On a recognition of the SS, the prisoner, life in the camp which was less than a year, bringing the Nazis nearly a half thousand Reichsmarks net profit.

During the Second World War, through the death camps were 18 million people, of whom 5,000,000 — the citizens of the Soviet Union.

March 22 in Dachau began to act the first concentration camp in Nazi Germany.