Lori (Lori or Lohri) is celebrated every year January 13 in Northern India (Punjab).

During this holiday bonfires are lit as a symbol of the end of the harsh winter. Koster is associated with the Lord Agni (Agni — fire). Performed parikrama around the fire (parikrama) — fire the clockwise and repeat the phrase, "come well-being, and the need will be banished." After the parikrama distributed prasadam — the food offered to God and gifts.

Lori Parish celebrated by family members fasting and the offering of gifts to each other. In the evening a festive feast is arranged, as a rule, is not a vegetarian. All night around the campfire going dances and songs. In a festive morning, children go from door to door singing songs, demanding a "ransom" — money or sweets, which is very reminiscent of the Slavic tradition of caroling.

This "redemption" is called Dulha Bhatti, a song — a payment for him. The day following Laurie, called Magi (Maghi), it marks the coming months Magician. This day is considered auspicious to take bath in the river Ganges. In this day and prepared Confection usually sweet rice.

During the festival you can see Laurie traditional Punjabi Bhangra dance. The dance involved only men.