Day of Russian Press

13 January in Russia marks the Day of Russian press. It was on this day in 1703 in Russia by decree Peter was published in the first issue of Russian newspaper "Vedomosti".

The first issue was called "Bulletin of the military and other matters worthy of knowledge and memory that occurred at the Moscow State and in other neighboring countries." The newspaper was published in Moscow and St. Petersburg, without actually having a permanent name — "Vedomosti", "Russian Gazette", "Bulletin of Moscow».

With the January 1 in 1870, "the highest command" were allowed to "arrange appointment as an experiment in post offices subscriptions to periodicals — both Russian and foreign." In Russia it was the first decree to hold subscriptions to periodicals. But by 1914, Russia came out over three thousand periodicals.

After 1917, the Day of Russian press was moved to May 5 — day that saw the publication of the main Soviet newspaper "Pravda" — and renamed the Day of the Soviet Press .

Only in 1991 the Decree of the Presidium of the Russian Armed Forces ? 3043-1 from December 28 «On the Day of Russian Press" date of the celebration of the Day of Russian press has been returned to the historically true — 13 January.

Notably, January 13, 1830 published the the first issue of "Literary Gazette».

According to experts on 1 January 2009 in Russia there were more than 33 thousand prints — a half times more than were recorded in 2000. More than half of the names — it's the newspaper, then magazines, and only a small part — other printed periodicals. Every day, on average, members distributed more than 20 million copies of various publications.