Time staff of military commissariat

defense of the homeland is a duty and obligation
citizen the Russian Federation.
Russian Constitution, Article 59, 1

April 8 in 1918 by Decree of the Council of People's Commissars "On the establishment of township, county, provincial and district commissioners in military affairs "were established township, county, provincial and district commissariat for military affairs — draft boards.

In the first years of Soviet power in the territory of the Soviet Republic was formed district 7, 39 provincial , 385 county and township 7,000 military commissioners. April 8 is the birthday of military commissioners.

Since 1993, significantly expanded the range of tasks performed by members of the military office. Now the military commissariat, in close cooperation with local authorities, along with the organization of recruitment and registration of ordinary and reserve officers, as well as machinery, located in the district, performs a variety of tasks of the social plan.

The new document — the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation № 1132 from September 1, 2007 "On approval of the commissioner's military" clearly identified the main tasks of military commissars.

Workers in military offices are no minor task, whether it is the organization and conduct of military records, organizing records of vehicles provided by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, the organization of moral and psychological work or the organization and carrying out of activities of military professional orientation and professional psychological selection of citizens, members of the notice families of soldiers killed or died during military service.