World Health Day

World Health Day (World Health Day) is celebrated every year April 7 in the day of the creation in 1948 of the World Health Organization (World Health Organization, WHO). During the time that has passed since that historic moment, members of the World Health Organization (WHO) has 191 member states of the world.

The annual observance of the Day of Health has become a tradition since 1950. Day events are held in order to allow people to understand how much it means health in their lives. A health care organizations designed to address the question of what they need to do to the health of people around the world become better.

Every year, World Health Day dedicated to the global challenges facing the health of the planet and is held under different slogans: "In Security of your blood — saving the lives of many, "" Activity — a way to longevity "," Pregnancy — a special event in their lives. We make it safe, "" Protecting health from climate changeĀ».

In 2009, the main theme of World Health Day has become a health facility safety and readiness of health workers to provide assistance to people affected by emergencies. Worldwide have events dedicated to the promotion of safe construction of health facilities and improve emergency preparedness.

In 2010, the motto was chosen words "1000 cities — 1000 lives" because the focus of the Day were urbanization and health. All over the world took measures aimed at making the city had created the conditions for recreational activities in the streets. Street competitions were held, reports of which were published in order to promote a healthy lifestyle in the cities.

In 2011, a topic discussed at the events of the Day, has become resistant to antimicrobial agents. Medicine is concerned that the resistance (from the English. Resistance, stability) of the bacterial agents of infectious diseases to antibiotics is becoming one of the main reasons that limit the effectiveness of antibiotic therapy. WHO estimates that at the present time it has not yet become a serious problem, but the situation in the world is changing rapidly, and in the near future, the problem may be relevant. It is therefore necessary to take urgent and concerted efforts to prevent the spread of antibiotic-resistivity.
Each year, World Health Day dedicated to the global challenges facing the health of the planet (Photo: Onur ERSIN, Shutterstock)
In 2012, the theme of World Health Day is chosen — "Aging and Health", and the slogan of the day — "Good health adds life to years." Focus is on how good health throughout life can help older people lead full and productive lives, and to be useful for their families and society. No matter where we live, aging concerns everyone — young and old, men and women, rich and poor ...

World Health Day — a global campaign that aims to attract the attention of every person on the planet to health and health care, with a view to joint action to protect the health and well-being of people.