International Day of Children's Book

flowering rose bushes
dropped from the roof of a open window;
immediately stood their highchairs.
Kai Gerda sat down with everyone on your
and took each other's hands.
cold, desolate splendor
palace of the Snow Queen was
forgotten them, as a heavy sleep.
Hans Christian Andersen, "The Snow Queen»

Since 1967, on the initiative and decision of the International Board on Books for Young People (International Board on Books for Young People, IBBY) April 2, the birthday of the great storyteller from Denmark (Hans Christian Andersen), the world celebrates the International Day of Children's Book (International Children's Book Day).

On this day, the organizers of the event, with particular enthusiasm emphasizing that necessary from an early age to read good books, thereby promoting lasting role in shaping children's book of spiritual and intellectual image of the new generations of the Earth.

Every year one of the offices of the National IBBY gets the honor of performing the international sponsor of this wonderful holiday. Determined annually by the holiday theme, invited well-known author of the host country, to write a message to all children of the world. Also invited well-known artist to create a poster of the International Day of Children's Book.

In the future, these materials are used to promote books and the development of interest in reading.