April Fool's Day ( April Fools Day )

Where you come from this holiday — April Fools Day (April Fools 'Day or All Fool's Day) — from France, England, Mexico and Sweden — a mystery that, unfortunately, covered with darkness.

One of the most influential versions of the origin of the holiday laughter associated with the fact that the original on April 1 celebrated in many countries as the vernal equinox, and Easter time. The festivities on the occasion of the spring of the new year is always accompanied by jokes, pranks and funny antics. Holiday tradition alive and now: the very nature of the reason was because the vagaries of spring weather, people were trying to coax jokes and pranks.

Another, also a common version of a Day of laughter associated with the transition to Gregorian Calendar, entered in 1582. The fact that the New Year was celebrated in the Middle Ages did not January 1, and at the end of March, before the years of 1563-1564 in King Charles the Ninth (King Charles IX) reformed in France calendar. So New Year's week began 25 March and ended on April 1.

In those days it was also decided to have fun during the holiday season. But despite the changes in the calendar, some conservative (and, perhaps, just ignorant) people continued to celebrate New Year's week in the old style. Others laughed and made fun of them portrayed the "stupid" gifts and called the April fools (April's Fools). And there was the so-called "April Fool's Day."

In the 18th century, this cheerful holiday has become widely known and popular. English, Scottish and French spread it in their American colonies. In April Fool's Day was made to make fun of each other and give each other senseless orders, for example, to find and bring the sweet vinegar.

April Fools jokes to be extremely diverse and cover a wide layers like those jokes, so and those over whom joking. The most famous April Fools jokes already classified in the list of 100 April Fools jokes of all time (The Top 100 April Fool's Day Hoaxes of All Time), among which are: the fall of the Tower of Pisa, photos of flying penguins UFO landing in London, the transition to a decimal system of time measurement, change in the number Pi to 3.0 and 3.14 to the other.