International Bird Day

Today the entire planet celebrates the International Day of birds (International Bird Day ). He came to the U.S. in 1894. Shortly holiday popularized through the media, began mass held in all the states, and then come to Europe.

The history of the Day of the birds in Russia. Having reached our country in the XIX century, the idea of ??helping feathered got on fertile ground. Already at that time in Tsarist Russia was organized protection of birds, to the beginning of the twentieth century was engaged in this business for several dozen organizations. Among them — Ornithological Committee of the Russian society acclimatization of animals and plants, nature conservation Permanent Commission for Russian Geographical Society, Russian Society of cruelty to animals, founded in 1865.

In the cities opened and children's organizations — the so-called The May unions for the study and protection of birds. They were set up in schools and children combined nine or eleven years old, wearing hats on the logo — a flying swallow. In 1910, a school teacher in the village of Peter Buzuk Khortytsya founded the first company in the country guardians of nature, which has become a symbol of a bird's nest. Company participants were fed the birds and hung them for nesting.

After The May Revolution children unions ceased to exist, but the idea of ??birds caught yunnatskie organization. In the summer of 1924 was the first and only in the USSR All-Union Congress of the naturalists on which teacher Central biostation Nicholas Dergunov proposed to re-establish Bird Day. Since 1926, this date is celebrated in the Soviet Union as an official holiday. In 1927, Bird Day was held in all districts of Moscow, and was attended by about 5,000 children. In 1928, the number of participants reached 65,000 children, they hung over 15,000 birdhouses.

The annual celebration of the bird interrupted by the war, but in 1948 the movement was revived. Feast scored an even larger scale, in 1953, to participate in it was drawn 5 million students. But for the 60-70s of XX century celebration of the birds again disappeared.

festival was revived in 1999 — thanks to the Russian Bird Conservation Union, founded in 1993. In his first year in Moscow alone in holding the Day of birds attended by 500 people, they hung more than 500 nesting boxes. In 2000, the festival was connected to the organization of the Government of Moscow, has taken the Birds Day as a citywide event.

date of the holiday was not chosen by accident: it was at this time from warm returning birds. Adults and children in this day arrange well waterfowl habitat, hang new feeders and birdhouses.

Recall that during the second weekend of May is another very famous bird holiday — World Migratory Bird Day.