Easter Lutheran

Easter — the most important Christian holiday, as the entire Christian faith is based on the fact of the resurrection of Christ. This is the oldest Christian holiday. There are exact evidence and descriptions of the celebration since the middle of the 2nd century: it was the ancient Passover holiday in memory of Jesus with a long vigil till the morning, followed by the Eucharist was celebrated.

This holiday united death and resurrection, cross and the ascension of Christ, and this was reflected in later in the concept of the ancient Church Easter (Easter — with Heb. pesach, passa = transition), that is, it was a celebration of the passage of Christ for life and salvation, thus mankind from death.

In Lutheranism Easter night as the first principle of the Christian Easter holiday, and today remains the highest point of the church year. Easter service, and you can draw an analogy with the Orthodox Vespers begins on Easter Saturday, shortly before midnight. Special attention is paid to the service fire and water.

In the dark church paid one lighted candle, decorated with Greek letters A (alpha) and