Day of the Prosecutor's Office

Day of the Procuracy of the Russian Federation has experienced since 1996, according to the Decree President of the Russian Federation ? 1329 from December 29 1995 "On establishing the Day of the Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation┬╗.

12 January in the Senate for the first time established the post of Attorney General. The decree literally read: "must be in the Senate, Attorney General and the Chief Prosecutor, as well as in any of the Board on the prosecutor, who will report to the prosecutor-general┬╗.

Also, the decree established the basic responsibilities and Attorney General the authority for supervision of the Senate leadership and subordinate prosecutors. After a few days at the courts outbuildings were also introduced positions of prosecutors.

So in the history of Russia was founded and began to develop institute prosecution, one of the outstanding figures of which was Pavel Yaguzhinskii (1683 — 1736).

on January 18 Yaguzhinskii 1722 was appointed the first Attorney-General of the Senate and quickly began to play a key role in the affairs of the Russian state. It was even said that he was the second person in the country after Peter I. Taking into account the outstanding personal qualities Yaguzhinsky, influence of the first Attorney-General also shows how important for Russia was the work of the Prosecutor's Office.

At all times, the prosecutor's office was just about the only public body to which citizens can apply with all its troubles and problems, from power outages in the apartment up to the hype, so called, builders pyramid schemes.

The main thing in the prosecutor's office — is its advocacy function. The most important were and still supervise the observance of the rights and freedoms of man and citizen, protection of the legitimate interests of the state.

The Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation operates on the basis of Constitution, the Federal Law "On Prosecutor of the Russian Federation ", the Civil Procedure Code, Criminal Procedure Code, the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.