International Day of backup ( Backup Day )

In this age of computers and electronics preservation of significant information becomes all the more important. The loss of financial information, databases or information the site can lead to big problems in the organization and significantly "hit on the wallet." And each individual home computer user, device, or a simple cell phone can get a lot of grief, having lost the right data — from your favorite photos, home videos or articles required to contact numbers and addresses.

International Day of backup ( English. World Backup Day) is designed to attract public attention to the issues of ensuring the preservation of information, as well as to disseminate information about the need to protect against data loss. Day or the Day of backup backup (from the English. Backup) is held annually 31 March.

Backup — this is a copy of the data on the media (hard drive, flash card, CD-ROM and other media), intended for data recovery in the event of damage or loss of the primary carrier.

Backup Day was established on the initiative of users of social news site Reddit and the coincidence was appointed to the 31 of March. In the computer environment, there are cases of loss of information that is April 1 (here such "jokes") — there is even a whole group of April Fools viruses that are activated during this day. The result of their merciless action — in a system crash or data loss.

Today there are many different approaches and programs that provide a competent backup system. How to organize this trial — that every user. You can carry out the appropriate action on their own or contact the experts on the subject.

But do not neglect a situation and assume that the problem is you will never touch. Anything is possible — from man-made problems, technical glitches and output equipment failure to accidental file deletion or introduction of malicious virus.

Shelter from force majeure, perform backup important information today!