National Day of doctors in the United States

First celebration of the National Day of the doctor in the United States (National Doctor's Day ) passed in 1991 after the 1990 Congress and the Senate have approved the legal approval of the National Day of the doctor. The resolution was signed by the celebration of 30 October in 1990 by President Bush.

But, in fact, Dr. Day was celebrated long before the official America recognized this national day. The story takes us to 30 March in 1933, in Winder (Winder) the state of Georgia.

The idea of ??celebrating the Day of the doctor belongs Eodore Almond (Eudora Brown Almond) — wife Dr. Charles Almond (Dr. Charles B. Almond). The first celebration of the doctors mentioned sending greeting cards to doctors and placing flowers on the graves of deceased doctors. Symbols of doctors in America is a red carnation.

Celebrate the holiday on that day were invited to celebrate the anniversary of the first use of general anesthesia, an American physician and pharmacist Crawford Long (Crawford Williamson Long, 1815-1878) in 1842.

March 30, 1958 U.S. House of Representatives approved a resolution establishing the doctor's Day.