Lutheran Good Friday

Good Friday (German Karfreitag) — the most mournful solemn day of the Easter time. On that day, everything must resemble the execution of Jesus Christ, and he experienced spiritual and physical torment he had taken a ransom for the sins of all mankind.

In the Lutheran churches in this day may be a special performance of musical works of the genre and the content of the so-called Passion — works about the suffering ( Passion ) of the Savior on the basis of fragments of the Gospels (such as " St. Matthew Passion ", " St. John PassionĀ»1088).

The other, familiar to any church sounds — bells ringing and altar — from this day disappear, and only resumed in noon of the day of Passover. About the beginning of worship notify ministranty — a group of teenagers who walk the streets with noisemakers from house to house and receive from their masters or white colored eggs.