Good Friday in the Western Christian ( Good Friday )

service on Good Friday commemorating the death of Jesus Christ on the cross , the removal of his body from the cross and buried him.

The execution of the crucifixion was the most infamous, the most painful and the most brutal. This death was executed in those days, only the most notorious villains: robbers, murderers, insurgents and criminal slaves.

Torment crucified man can not be described. In addition to the unbearable pain in all parts of the body and the suffering, crucified had a terrible thirst and deadly mental anguish.

Death was so slow that many suffered on the cross for a few days. Even the executioners — usually, people violent — could not calmly look at the suffering of the crucified. They prepared drink, or who have tried to quench their thirst unbearable, or an admixture of different substances temporarily dull the mind and ease the flour.

According to Jewish law, hung on a roar was considered cursed. The Jews would ever dishonor Jesus Christ, to award him to such a death.

When they led Jesus Christ to Calvary, the soldiers gave him a drink of sour wine mixed with bitter substances to relieve suffering. But the Lord, having tried, he would not drink it. He did not want to use any means to alleviate the suffering. These sufferings he voluntarily took upon Himself the sins of the people, and therefore wanted to move them to the end.

When everything was cooked, the soldiers had crucified Jesus Christ. It was about noon, in Hebrew at the sixth hour of the day. When He was crucified, He prayed for His tormentors, saying: "Father, Forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing. "

Savior stood by the cross of his mother, the apostle John, Mary Magdalene and several other women, honored him. It is impossible to describe the sorrow of the Mother of God, who saw the intolerable suffering of His Son!

Jesus saw his mother, and John, standing here, which was particularly fond of, said to his mother: "Woman! Here is your son. " Then he said to John, "Behold thy mother." Since that time, John took the Mother of God into his home and cared for her until the end of her life.

Meanwhile, during the suffering of the Savior on Golgotha ??was a great sign. From that hour the Savior was crucified, that is, from the sixth hour (and our bill from the twelfth hour of the day), the sun was darkened and there was darkness over all the earth, and lasted until the death of the Savior.

This extraordinary, world darkness was marked by pagan writers, historians: the Roman astronomer Flegont, Fallah and Junius Africana. The famous philosopher of Athens, Dionysius, was at this time in Egypt, in the city of Heliopolis, watching the sudden darkness, said: "Either the Creator suffers, or the world is destroyed." Subsequently, Dionysius was converted to Christianity and was the first bishop of Athens.