Day professional legal service in the Armed Forces of the Russian

Today is the feast of professional military lawyers, established by Presidential Decree Federation ? 549 of the May 31 in 2006 "On the establishment of professional holidays and memorial days in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation┬╗.

As stated in the decree, this professional holiday set "for the revival and development of domestic military traditions, enhancing the prestige of military service and in recognition of military experts in the task of defense and security of the state."

military lawyers called officers with a legal background, occupying positions in the military prosecutors, military courts, military justice, military lawyers and a lot of the faculty of military universities of the country.

Interestingly, the military and law school was founded in Russia in the first quarter of the 18th century, as a logical continuation of the formation of a regular army and navy, the establishment of military justice and military and legal professions. Then there was a practical need for military specialists subspecialties such as auditors, army fiscals and prosecutors. It was necessary not only to know the common law, but also to correctly interpret and apply the specific statutes, regulations, articles.

The founder of the school of "education for military lawyers" is considered a reformer Emperor . In 1719, on his special decree was commanded to take the Military Collegium of the audit to examine cases "of shlyahtskih greenhorns (cadets) and twenty good and young, who know how to read and write and write." Subsequently, by order of Peter I, a few shlyahterskih children were sent abroad for training legal sciences.

For military lawyers established military ranks with the prefix "Justice." The supreme military rank of military personnel with military occupational specialties legal profile is the rank of colonel of justice.