Day of the Interior Ministry of Ukraine

Day of internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine is celebrated annually on March 26 — on the day of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in 1992, the Law "On the Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine." Presidential Decree number 216/96 of 26 March 1996 on the establishment of the internal troops of the Day is a recognition of the merits of the state forces in the protection of public order and the fight against crime, the protection of important public facilities.

The activities of the Interior Ministry of Ukraine is inseparably connected with the history and destiny of the state. History of the internal forces originates from the formation of law enforcement troops of the Russian Empire, composed at that time was part of Ukraine.

At different periods of military forces of law and order were called by different names: the military guards, local army convoy guards internal and convoy protection, and in the end — the internal forces. Only one thing has remained constant — the special nature of the service.

Stormy years of the Great Patriotic War, Afghanistan, {event-Chernobyl {596} / event}, participation in the resolution of local conflicts — all pages of the life of those who today is the honorary title of veteran, and those who perform the tasks assigned to them.

Since {holiday-1269 Ukraine gained} Independence {/ holiday} Interior Ministry of Ukraine perform important and responsible tasks to ensure the stable development of the country, peace and public order, play a significant role in the protection of its internal security.

During the existence of the Interior Ministry of Ukraine more 150 soldiers were awarded the President of Ukraine — orders, medals and honorary titles. Three of the oldest connections internal forces relevant Decrees of the President of Ukraine awarded honorary titles for combat service during World War II and the high level of service and combat operations in peacetime.