International Day of Solidarity with the staff, detainees and missing persons

UN staff as well as our colleagues from non-governmental organizations and the media, carry out much-needed and vital work for the benefit of all people in the world. I call on all partners to do everything in their power to these employees can perform their work in a secure environment possible.
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

International Day of Solidarity with the staff, detainees and missing persons (International Day of Solidarity with Detained and Missing Staff Members), celebrated annually on 25 March the anniversary of the abduction of journalist Alec Collett, who worked in the Near East, United Nations agencies and helping Palestinian refugees.

armed bandits attacked Collett and taken to an unknown location in 1985. Unfortunately, living journalist was never seen again. In 2009, the remains of Alec Collett have been found in Lebanon, in the Bekaa valley.

The problem of kidnappings over the years is no less acute. On the contrary, in recent years, an increasing number of attacks against United Nations staff who have to work in places of emergencies, disasters, wars and local conflicts.

In 2003, the explosion of a truck in front of the UN office in Baghdad killed 22 officers, including the head of the UN mission in Iraq. In 2007, while on duty killed 42 UN staff, in 2008, killed 34 employees of the organization. In January 2010, an earthquake in Haiti killed 99 UN staff and 32 were missing.

According to the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, "all states should seek to strengthen the legal protection afforded by the United Nations Staff and the related personnel. "