Day of Security Service of Ukraine

25 March in 1992 the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the Law "On the Security Service of Ukraine." Since 2001, according to the Presidential Decree number 193/2001 to this day, the Day of the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU).

After declaring Ukrainian independence a question about the need to reform the old Union-republican system of state security. September 20 in 1991 the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the resolution "On the establishment of the National Security Service of Ukraine." The same decree was abolished State Security Committee of the USSR.

The most important areas of the new Ukrainian security services are intelligence and counterintelligence.

In the structure of a Department of the SBU counterintelligence protection of the state's economy. Security service in accordance with their competence counteracts the plundering of state or collective property in especially large amounts, theft or misuse of budget funds, provides counter-intelligence work in the financial, credit and banking systems in the areas of privatization, foreign trade activities.

The Security Service of Ukraine carries out extensive work to combat terrorism and drug trafficking, and illegal migration. To carry out these operations have contacts with Interpol, foreign law enforcement agencies.

Security Service is committed to state with confidence felt in the European and world building. Under the legislation is information-analytical work to assist the Ukrainian government in the implementation of foreign and domestic policy in the direction of the restructuring of the state, strengthening its defense capability and economic capacity, greater international cooperation.

In view of the tasks service makes all the to ensure civil peace and accord in Ukraine and that its results meet expectations of his compatriots.