Day of Culture of Russia

culture was born from the cult.

27 August in 2007, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree number 1111, "On the Day of the employee culture" according to which this professional holiday celebrated annually 25 March.

On the need to establish such a professional holiday of spring 2007, said Minister of Culture Alexander Sokolov. Then the minister explained that the March date was chosen due to the fact that many of the regions had their own time employee culture, the Minister pointed out that the date of the Day of the federal culture to "dissolve other professional holidays┬╗.

Cultural Workers call of professionals engaged in culture and the arts, film, printing, book publishing, the media, sports and tourism. Cultural workers have their trade union — the Russian Union of Workers of Culture. In Moscow, a highly cultural workers assigned rank — Honored Worker of Culture of Moscow.

Russia has already established some professional holidays connected with culture and art — Museum Day, Day of Russian Press, Day of Russian Cinema , Russian Library Day.

mark their professional holiday custodians and creators of culture — employees of museums and libraries, people of theaters and concert organizations, experts of cultural houses, town and country clubs , amateur art. And, of course, to their holiday they traditionally organize the many wonderful cultural events.