Day of the public services and housing and communal services of Belarus

In accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus of March 26 in 1998 number 157 "On public holidays, public holidays and anniversaries in the Republic of Belarus" in the fourth Sunday of March is the Day of the public services and housing and communal services.

utility industry in Belarus is one of the most ancient, and its creation dates back to the first millennium. In the annals of 9-13 centuries mention the existence on this earth 35 cities.

Now, in 212 cities and townships are concentrated 7,159,000 people, or 70.3% of the total amount. Growing quality requirements for products and services of housing and communal services sector.

Housing and Utilities of Belarus, which includes up to 16 different sub-sectors of the nature of the activities, concentrated in 650 enterprises and organizations of the system consists of 146,000 highly skilled . Well-known labor dynasties Shkodova in Slonim, Nesterovich in Vitebsk and others. More than 50 of them are of high rank of honorary workers of housing and communal services of the Republic, 364 — of honor.

Despite the dedicated work of workers in the sector, in enterprises and organizations are deficient, causing fair criticism of the townspeople. So now the main task of the industry are: improvement of the units to provide high quality services to the population, strengthening the production and price and financial discipline.

Work will continue to improve the reliability of engineering systems and facilities of public utilities, in the introduction of new energy-saving technologies.

In addition, work is continuing to strengthen ties with the community and citizens' requests. Increases the effectiveness of institutional control, to create a healthy and safe working conditions, increase scientific and technological potential of the sector and the efficiency of the industry, improving efforts to improve the environmental situation in the cities of the country.

Housing and utilities and household services since the emergence of the first cities to this day are a major component of the urban way of life. They arrange well and decorate the city, a sense of comfort and convenience for its residents, are responsible for the cleanliness and order without discount to the whims of nature, seasons, holidays and weekdays.