International Day of the Right to the Truth concerning Gross violations of human rights and dignity of victims

Let us recognize the indispensable role of truth in upholding human rights and commit to to protect the right to the truth in the implementation of our global mission.
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

The UN General Assembly has approved the date of the new memorial day December 21 in 2010. A day in the calendar was chosen in honor of Oscar Arnulfo Romero-and-Galdamesa — Archbishop of San Salvador. Monsignor Romero spoke out against poverty, social inequality, homicide and torture. For their views archbishop was attacked by supporters of radical movements and, in the end, was killed. It happened 24 March in 1980.

The representatives of the United Nations recognized the value and importance of the work done by Oscar Romero, and decided to set a new date for the day of the death of the Archbishop.

¬ęTaking into account those values ??for which the Monsignor Romero, his devotion to the service of humanity, his repeated calls for dialogue and rejection of all forms of violence, is offered to all UN Member States and international organizations to properly mark the International Day" — said in a resolution of the General Assembly.

International Day is held in the first place, in order to honor the memory of victims of gross and systematic violations of human rights, and to remind the importance of the right to truth and justice . Also, on this day are held to pay tribute to those who dedicated his life to the fight for human rights or fell in the fight.