Earth Hour

Earth Hour (Earth Hour) — a global annual international event, organized by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), which is held annually in one of the last Saturday of March. It is on this day at the appointed time, people around the world for an hour power outages and other electrical appliances. The point of this campaign — to attract the widest attention of the world community to the problem of climate change on our planet, to show their support for the need for joint action to address this environmental problem.

It is worth noting that the "Earth Hour" — is, First of all, a symbolic action of respect for nature, a public call for drastic measures to preserve our planet's climate and concerns about its limited resources.

According to the scientists, by 2003, the impact of human activities on the ecosystems of the planet has increased so that if current trends continue, by 2050 people will need a second planet to meet the energy needs of humanity, water, food, storage of waste ... So to solve the problem of saving the planet and the need to work together at different levels, and today's action by every person in the anywhere in the world can demonstrate its concern about the depletion of natural resources and the "vote" for a healthy planet.

Night SidneyVpervye idea to turn off electricity for an hour in order to demonstrate their solidarity in the fight for environmental protection has been implemented by WWF in 2007 on a scale of one city — Sydney (Australia). By next year, the event was supported by the wider community (to partake of the shares of more than 100 million people in 35 countries), becoming an international environmental initiative. Since then, the share of increasingly gaining momentum, and it involved more people, cities and countries. For example, Earth Hour 2011 has combined for nearly 2 billion members in 135 countries. Russia officially joined the campaign in 2009 — it was attended by more than 20 Russian cities, and in 2011 — 11 million Russians.

Sydney during aktsiiPrichem involved in the action as millions of ordinary citizens, and thousands of organizations around the world. Because it is a voluntary action of the people themselves to decide how much and what they will turn off electrical appliances, and city authorities initiate off the backlight of city facilities. Organizers of the rally for safety reasons do not recommend turning off street lights, navigation lights and traffic lights. Therefore, each year exactly one hour in the cities of Earth Blackouts on a variety of objects, including the dozens of attractions around the world. For example, during a protest in 2011 over a thousand famous monuments around the world turned off their lights, among them — the building of "Empire State Building" (New York), the bridge, "Golden Gate" (San Francisco), the Colosseum (Rome) , Opera House (Sydney), a Buddhist temple "Wat Arun" (Bangkok), the Royal Palace (Stockholm), City Hall (London), Eiffel Tower (Paris), the Acropolis (Athens) and many others. In Moscow, MSU shut off the backlight on the Sparrow Hills, a sports complex "Luzhniki", Shabolovskaya Tower, the Presidium of Russian Academy of Sciences and others — a total of more than 75 objects. And in St. Petersburg plunged into darkness bridges, the Winter Palace and Palace Square, Peter and Paul Fortress and others.

By the way, in Russia, in many cities in the "Earth Hour" is not only dim the buildings, but and underwent numerous activities — glowing bicycle races, fire show, the launch of luminous balls, lectures, tea party by candlelight, master classes, environmental lessons for pupils, competitions and festivals.

Although, of course, is in Statement hour blackout can not significantly improve the environmental situation in the world, but this action, according to organizers, will help to understand the many residents of the planet and energy savings in the long run, will reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere, and give everyone the opportunity indifferent person contribute to maintaining the health of our planet. Today, "Earth Hour" is the mass public action in the history of mankind.

It should also be said that up to 2011 shares logo looks like "60" — that is, 60 minutes that people devote planet Earth, taking steps to combat climate change. But the "Earth Hour" — is much more than a year off the lights for one hour, so with the 2011 logo looks like "60", which means a call for protesters to go beyond one hour and take another step for the sake of the planet, for example, start saving water, more use of public transport instead of private cars, take care of the water, to save and to take waste paper, etc.