International Day of taxi driver

22 March taxi drivers all over the world celebrate their professional holiday. It was on this day in 1907 on the streets of London, there were the first cars equipped with special counters. London cabbies called counter "taksimetr" — from the French "Taxi" ("Board") and the Greek "metron" ("measurement"). Since then, the individual urban transport began to call a taxi and cab drivers — taxi drivers.

First London taxi cars were green and red colors. Yellow color, which we think is traditional for these machines came with a light hand John Hertz (John Hertz), the founder of The Hertz Corporation.

Taking old cars in payment for the new, enterprising American used car repainted in yellow and used them as a taxi. Naturally, such vivid cars can be easily seen on the streets of the city, and later practice repaint yellow taxis have a rule almost all of these companies. A yellow taxi become a classic color for the entire world.

Another recognizable symbol of the taxi was shashechek motif. According to one version, the first drafts pattern emerged in the 20s of the last century on the machines of the American company, which borrowed it from a racing logo. He was to attract the attention of customers and push them to think about the rapidity of movement.

In Russia, the first taxi drivers appeared in 1907. By 1912, metropolitan taxi fleet consisted of 230 vehicles that served the central dispatching office. However, in 1917, after the October Revolution, taxis in Moscow and other major Russian cities on time ceased to exist.

Only June 21 1925 decree Kommunkhoz City Council in the newly was open regular taxi traffic. This day in Moscow taxi drivers is considered the birthday of the modern Russian taxi and, along with the International Day of taxi celebrate it as their professional holiday.