International Day of the puppeteer

The idea to celebrate the worldwide International Day puppeteer (International Day of Puppetry) came to the well-known figure in the puppet theater Dzhivada Zolfagariho from Iran. In 2000, at the XVIII Congress of the International Union of theater puppets (Union Internationale de la Marionnette, UNIMA) in Magdeburg, he made the proposal for discussion.

But despite the fact that the debate on the place and time for the holiday was very busy, and the issue had not been resolved. Only two years later, at a meeting of the International Council of UNIMA, the celebration date has been determined.

holiday traditions puppeteers around the world opened the day March 21 in 2003. Since that time, all the professionals and fans of puppet theater celebrated the International Day of the puppeteer.

World puppet show — it's the innocence of childhood its purity and ??????????????????????????? UNIMA Margareta Niculescu appealed to all workers of the puppet theater with a call to turn the day on March 21 in a spectacular ritual in honor of puppet theater: "Let this day play puppet shows, conduct discussions, arrange a meeting, let unite all professionals and amateurs a of the oldest forms of art — the puppet theater! Let everyone around will participate in our holiday! Let everyone will be in the puppet theater!ยป.

And according to the well-known activist of Indian puppetry Kapila Vatsyaayan:" The world of puppet theater — it's the innocence of childhood, its purity and directness, and the wisdom of the philosopher. For me the puppet always carries a special charm because it is unique in the field of art: for its amazing simplicity and, at the same time, by its ambiguity it — the real universe is mysterious and imaginative, mystery and fantasy. Appearing in real time and space, Puppet returns true essence of our souls ... ".