World Poetry Day

In 1999, at the 30th session of the General Conference of UNESCO it was decided to annually celebrate World Poetry Day (World Poetry Day) 21 March. The first World Poetry Day was held in Paris, where the headquarters of UNESCO.

«Poetry, — says the decision by UNESCO — could be the answer to the most pressing and profound spiritual questions of modern man — but you need to bring it to the widest possible public attention».

Furthermore, the World Poetry Day is designed to give an opportunity to express themselves increasingly small publishers whose efforts mainly comes to the readers of the work of contemporary poets, literary clubs, reviving the age-old tradition of live-sounding poetic word.

This Day, according to UNESCO, is intended to serve as a creation of the media of a positive image of poetry as a truly contemporary art open to people.

It is believed that the most ancient poems, hymns were created in the 23 th century BC. Author of poetry — the poet-priestess En-Kheda-ana (En-hedu-ana), which is known only that she was the daughter of King Sargon of Akkad, who won Ur (in Iran). Al-Kheda-ana wrote about the moon god Nanna and his daughter, the goddess Inanna morning star.