Day of the French language (the International Day of La Francophonie )

Day of the French language, as well as the days of other languages ??of the United nations, noted recently — only in 2010. The initiator of the holiday was the introduction of a new United Nations Department of Public Relations.

The date of celebration of the French language has been selected 20 March, marking the International Day of Francophonie. Francophonie — an international cooperation organization of French-speaking countries of the world, bringing together 56 states. However, the main criteria for entry into the organization is not the degree of ownership of the citizens of a country's language of the Gauls, but rather cultural ties with France. Therefore, the number of observers of La Francophonie includes Ukraine and the Baltic countries. La Francophonie has existed for more than forty years: 20 March 1970 in Niger signed an intergovernmental agreement on the establishment of the organization of French-speaking countries.

French language is one of the six working languages ??of the United Nations, as well as the official language of many international organizations . In addition to France, is widely spoken in Belgium, Switzerland, Canada and many other countries. Among other things, today the French — one of the world's most popular objects of study of foreign languages. The number of people able to speak on it, reaches 200 million.

The number of people able to communicate in French, reaches 200 million (Photo: Piotr Marcinski, Shutterstock) However, recently the French language loses its status, much inferior English. Even in the European Union, where French is the official language, its future depends on many factors. Many countries — such as Finland, Austria, Sweden — is used as a means of communication English, which can not affect the positions of Gallic language.

However, the French language itself remains one of the world's cultural values. It is the language spoken and written , , , , , — and only that language can be preserved and passed on all the details of their immortal works.