International day without meat

International Meatless Day (International Day Without Meat), many countries point since 1985. On this day, stores and restaurants refuse to sell meat, and activists promoting vegetarianism, as well as the idea of ??compassion to animals and the environment.

In some countries the festival received state support, for example, in Sri Lanka, the authorities strongly recommend to owners of supermarkets to abstain from meat products. In Russia this date marked the first time in 2012. In particular, in St. Petersburg, volunteers handed out on the streets of fruits and leaflets about the benefits of vegetarianism for man and nature.

According to statistics, humanity each year kills more than 60 billion animals (not including fish, arthropods and molluscs) to their use in food. At the same time, nearly a billion people in the world are starving and lack of clean drinking water, and a switch to a vegetarian diet could solve this problem.

To produce one kilogram of meat is necessary today more than 10 kilograms of grain and over 15 liters of water. Given the global production of meat the amount of grain that is used for this purpose, would be enough to feed all the hungry people in the world.

... in favor of the rich and vitamin vegetables (Photo: Jason Stitt, Shutterstock) In addition, livestock produces 18 percent of the gases that cause the greenhouse effect, it is more than all forms of transport combined. In addition, the destruction of forests to create new pastures and depletion of land under fodder crops not the most favorable impact on the biosphere of the planet.

By the way, in a world marked another two similar celebration. October 1 is the World Day of vegetarianism, and November 1, the anniversary of the creation of a "Vegan Society", is celebrated International Vegan Day.