International Day of astrology

International Astrology Day (International Astrology Day), celebrated annually scientists and astrologers and enthusiasts, 20, or 21 March (sometimes 19 March) — is carried out exactly in the vernal equinox. This day is a unique natural phenomenon is starting a new astrological year.

More than ten years ago, Western astrologers offered to celebrate this holiday is 20 March — the first day of the astrological year, when the sun enters into the sign of Aries. Interestingly, in the Northern Hemisphere, the Day of the spring equinox, while in the South — the autumnal equinox.

Astrology (from al-Greek.. Astro — star and logos — the thought, the doctrine) is called the doctrine of the impact stars in the earthly world and man. Astrology originated in ancient times and was closely associated with astral cults and astral mythology.

Later astrology is widespread in the Roman Empire (the first appeared at the turn of the horoscope, II-I centuries. BC. e.). Ancient science in different centuries is provided in favor, then into oblivion. However, today its popularity is increasing day by day.

Statistics all over the world come to a definite conclusion: over the last two decades, astrology began to enjoy great success, especially among businessmen and politicians. Other stars have no council can not take a step. Although it is believed to psychologists, that the predictions for the most part treated insecure people.

One way or another, but to live by the heavenly bodies are now preferred by many. One may get the impression that to please the wishes of the masses, the world's large number of divorced psevdoastrologov. But the stars do not admit to yourself random people.