International Day of the client

In the world there are many holidays that people celebrate on the basis of their membership in a particular social group — the Day of the pensioner's Day, Boss's Day, Valentine's Day, entrepreneur ... Recently added to the list another holiday — International Day for the client. In contrast, dates, ages fouling traditions, Day client has only just started to gain prominence in the world. For the first time it was celebrated 19 March in 2010.

The goal of this festival for producers of goods and services in various fields — bringing new and encouraging repeat customers. On this day, the business owners around the world have the opportunity to express its appreciation to its customers, thanking them for their cooperation. How — everyone decides for himself: it may be gifts, small gifts, discounts or holding of shares and festive events.

initiated by the appearance of the holiday were the entrepreneurs of Russia and Lithuania. But the initiative quickly spread around the world. He was supported by dozens of large and small companies, entrepreneurs of all levels and shopping centers in Europe and America. "There has to be a day when we can thank our customers for what we have them!" — Say the entrepreneurs themselves.

possible and you want to join this initiative, support a new tradition and cook on this day for its customers are small tokens of appreciation.