International Day of planetariums

This holiday has a European "roots", it was first held in Italy in 1990 at the initiative of the Association of Italian planetarium. But as you know, the primacy of the creation of a machine similar modern planetarium, is owned by a German scientist — in 1925 in Jena Zeiss factory was designed and built the first universal projection head, "Planetarium".

The status of international planetarium Day (Day of Planetaria) acquired in 1994 when it was supported by the French "temples of astronomy." In a year this holiday was celebrated in six European countries: Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine and Russia.

Ancient Observatory in MeksikeTsel of this holiday — familiarity with the activities of the public planetariums and astronomical knowledge propaganda. And the venue, of course, are the city planetarium.

It should be noted that the date of the celebration falls on the nearest Sunday to the day of the vernal equinox. To their professional holiday, many planetariums are trying to time the premiere of new programs, organize meetings with interesting people and a variety of contests and quizzes.

The first planetarium in the USSR opened on 11th November in 1929 in Moscow.