Day of the divisions of economic security in the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs

Employees of Ministry of Internal Affairs and the veterans, those who are on duty fight against economic crime, mark their professional holiday — Day of the divisions of economic security in the Interior Ministry.

The forerunner of this service was the famous department to combat the theft of socialist property and speculation (OBKHSS) established March 16 in 1937 the NKVD Order number 0018 within the General Administration of the People's Police Commissariat of Internal Affairs of the USSR.

In the adopted position of the Anti-Corruption Squad, in particular, stated that he created "to provide combat theft of socialist property in organizations and institutions of Government Commerce, and to fight against speculation."

In February 1992, in the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs was created General Directorate for Economic Crimes (GUEP), which five years later was renamed GUBEP — General Directorate for Combating Economic Crimes. In June 2001, it became part of the Criminal Police Service Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, and two years later under the Ministry launched the Federal Service for Economic and Tax Crimes. As a result of administrative reform, it became the Department of Economic Security (DES).

In 2011, by decree of the President of Russia DEB in connection with the ongoing reform of the Interior Ministry was renamed the General Directorate of Economic Security and Anti-Corruption (GUEBiPK). Today GUEBiPK — independent division of the central apparatus of the Russian Interior Ministry, providing and performing the functions of the Ministry for the development and implementation of public policy and legal regulation in the area of ??economic security, as well as performing other functions in accordance with the Regulations on GUEBiPK, normative legal acts of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs.

More than a third of economic crimes are classified as serious or very serious. Nevertheless, notes that the fight against economic crimes was conducted responsibly and efficiently, good results have been achieved in the consumer market, credit and finance, and foreign trade.